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Strategic Merchandise Group is the culmination of decades of experience in close out wholesale, close out retail and direct import and export. The principals believe deep value close out merchandise can and should be used strategically across all retail channels. We buy brand name quality merchandise at a fraction of the original wholesale cost. As a result our customers enjoy a significant competitive advantage. Strategic Merchandise Group makes fair offers for merchandise and pays cash in advance. We are not brokers! We buy and control our merchandise for the benefit of both our vendors and our customers.

SELL TO US: We want your Close Outs

Whatever your inventory problem our solution is CASH!! Our team has decades of experience in direct import, wholesale and retail. We are uniquely qualified to evaluate your inventory to achieve the best possible return for you. With our comprehensive customer network we can avoid conflicts with your normal channels of distribution. We will act fast, pay in advance, and pick up at your facilities. Please contact Strategic Merchandise Group Inc. for a fast and fair resolution to your inventory concerns.

BUY FROM US: Seeking a Competitive Advantage?

Strategic Merchandise Group Inc. purchases brand name close outs from cancelled orders, package changes, shelf pulls, factory over-runs, end of life, refurbished returns, and more at substantial discounts to regular wholesale pricing. Our considerable experience in close out retail informs product selections sure to boost your bottom line.

In addition to close outs, Strategic Merchandise Group can facilitate product continuity programs. Our team has extensive experience direct importing from Asia. Our knowledge is built on hundreds of successful product selections (and some failures too). We can be your guide to previously unexplored price points on quality merchandise.

Strategic Merchandise Group Inc.
"Product strategies for your bottom line"

Who we are:

Kevin Simmons,
President & VP Sales

Mr. Simmons has been a successful wholesale and retail executive for the past 26 years. Before co-founding Strategic Merchandise Group, Mr. Simmons was Vice President of Sales for a large wholesale closeout company, during his tenure he helped grow this business to be one of the preeminent players in it's industry. Mr Simmons has also worked as a buyer for DYI and sales executive for one of the largest closeout wholesale companies in the US as well as held various operational positions. In 2014 he ventured out and joined Mike Mckenna and Neil Stepak to start Strategic Merchandise Group.
Mr. Simmons' areas of expertise include sales, purchasing and marketing

Contact: kevin@strategicmerch.com


Neil Stepak,
President & VP Purchasing, Strategic Merchandise Group

Mr. Stepak has had a diverse & successful career that spans 27 years in retail, wholesale, sourcing and product development. As a buyer Mr Stepak previously worked for Staples, Mutitech Warhouse Direct as well as Vice President of Purchasing for XS Cargo. He has sourced and developed products for fortune 100 companies, served on advisory boards and helped found a product innovation company that was jointly owned by IDEO and WPP. In 2014 Mr Stepak Joined with Michael McKenna and Kevin Simmons to create Strategic Merchandise Group.
Mr. Stepak's areas of expertise include purchasing, global sourcing, product development and sales.

Contact: neil@strategicmerch.com


Michael McKenna,
Executive Chairman, Strategic Merchandise Group

Mr. McKenna's retail career spanned 35 years. In 1983 he co-founded and served as CO-CEO of Multitech Warehouse Direct Inc. a 52 store consumer electronics retailer in Canada. In 1996 Mr. McKenna founded Canadian based close out retailer XS Cargo. In 2005 XS Cargo went public and was listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. XS Cargo was purchased by a US based private equity company in 2011 followed shortly thereafter by Mr. McKenna's departure. In 2014 he joined Neil Stepak and Kevin Simmons to start Strategic Merchandise Group Inc.
Mr. McKenna's areas of expertise include marketing and purchasing with extensive experience sourcing in China.